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The Denville Police Athletic League is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides youth sport programs to the children of Denville Township.  In addition to our sports programs, the PAL also sponsors other worthwhile community causes, such as the construction and/or renovation of community playgrounds.  The Executive Board is comprised of members of the Denville Police Department and all of our sport directors and coaches are local volunteers.

For more information on our various programs, please select the sports or charitable program from the dropdown menu on the top of the page. 

2022 Fund Drive 

Our Annual Fund Drive is set to begin in late September or early October.  All residents will receive a mailer with information on the program along with a request to make a donation. This fundraiser is to help finance all of the administrative costs of running our various sports programs and to assist us in supporting our charitable programs. This is the only fundraiser that the PAL runs for this purpose. Over the past several years, the costs to run these programs have continued to rise while the donations used to pay for these costs have continued to decrease. We kindly request that you donate what you can so that we can continue to offer these programs without having to raise registration fees or having to make cut backs. Every dollar counts, so please help support us so that we can continue to support Denville's youth. Thank you for your support!

Note:  The fund drive consists of two mailers.  The second mailer is a reminder sent to anyone who did not respond to the original mailer.  If you sent in your donation a short time before the reminder mailers are sent, you may still receive the reminder.  This is caused by minor delays in processing newly received donation slips.  If sent in a donation, please disregard the reminder e-mail  

In addition, the Denville PAL does not solicit for donations via telephone.  If you receive a phone call representing the Denville PAL and asking for a donation, we strongly suggest that you do not donate as any funds will not be forwarded to our program.

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